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Troubled by Love  -  Piers Blake


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Troubled by Love

by Piers Blake


UK price: £7.99 
US price: $11.99
Diadem Books
Format: Paperback
Size : 9 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches
Pages: 238
ISBN: 13: 978-1907294532
Published: May 2010


Two men meet in a pub, one a psychotherapist, the other, friend and confidante, a priest. The former, Frank Appleton, is fraught with the pains of unrequited love. The latter, Fr. Alec, is increasingly and disturbingly haunted by the activities of a serial rapist - an antagonist who bears a peculiar grudge against the Roman Catholic church. The story tells how each man is variously affected by the unfolding crimes and the powerful personality of their sinister perpetrator. This novel is unusual in that it eschews a straightforward narrative and evolves for the most part through the letters and diary of the counselling protagonist. By adopting the perspective of 'the wounded healer' the author is able to give added immediacy to the impact of the criminal and to explore as he does so various themes: these include the viability of faith in the modern world, the potential for evil and madness when integrity becomes compromised, and the endeavour to maintain a sexual ethic in a secular environment. Of interest to all who have suffered love's troubles, this book will hold special appeal for those affected by the ambiguities of religion and who yet strive towards a spiritual goal.

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