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The following testimonials have been received from authors who have published their books through Diadem Books

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I want to thank you again from my heart for all the help and encouragement you have given me, for well over a year now.

I think one of my secret, unachieved, longings must have always been to be an 'author'. Whatever that was, it somehow wasn't met by my two books on words derived from textiles. Proud as I am of those, it has only been since I turned to fiction and achieved Turnaround Cottage that I feel to be an Author!

As I keep saying - truthfully - I couldn't have done it without your collaboration, your advice and your skilled experience.

I don't think you fully realise yourself what an expert you have become over the years in facilitating and teaching your authors!

Dr Elinor Kapp

Well, here I am again, writing in praise of my eighth book published by Diadem Books. The tremendous feeling of satisfaction is not easy to describe, when at last all the hard work and effort is held in your hands…in the form of YOUR BOOK!

Charles, the editor, is patient, excellent at doing, what must sometimes be a very laborious task! He listens to what YOU, the author, really wants and always appears calm. Charles worked WITH me, as well as FOR me… which is a pleasure to be treated as a person… not just another customer!

I discovered Charles’ advert for Diadem Books in a Saga magazine; he tells me it was a one-off advert. Was this a coincidence or a gift from God? Whichever it was… I bless the day I answered that advert. Their website is professionally presented, and with eight of my books in total now displayed I am a happy customer indeed!

I recommend Charles and Diadem Books to any friend who asks for my help in choosing a publisher. Epic Times, Past and Present is another brilliant volume, my largest attempt yet in my writing career.
Many thanks indeed from your humble author, Beth.

Beth Richards, author of Epic Times, Past and Present. 16 April 2011. Clowne, Derbyshire.

I have found Charles Muller's services absolutely first rate. He is conscientious, efficient and considerate (which seems to be a rare quality among publishers!) He has a good website and he is able to present his books very effectively. He will keep you in touch with events as they happen and not leave you stumbling in the dark. You would do well to consider him seriously as your publisher.

Diadem don’t work for you ...

There are thousands of people who claim to be able to edit and proofread your work. The writing magazines have numerous adverts proclaiming the same but the charges can be prohibitive.

I sent off a large cheque to one particular individual who then wrote back and said that my book would ‘only stand on one shelf and that would be my own.’ Heartbroken and deflated I put my manuscripts away in a drawer.
After around 18 months I retrieved them from their hiding place, re-read and edited them to the best of my ability. Then I began the job of looking for a publisher.

I had written a complete trilogy of books and I didn’t want to publish them as three individual books, I wanted the whole story to stay together. This was my main aim when I looked for a publisher.

Seeing an ad in Writer’s Magazine for Diadem Books around May 2009, this advert was to change my life forever.
It said that they would thoroughly proofread, edit, and publish my work. Included in the package were all the niggling things like ISBN’s and cover design; inclusion on Amazon and other outlets, and a page on their own site. In other words they took your complete manuscript and did everything to bring it to a professional standard (no matter how long that takes). Diadem don’t work for you, they work with you, and this helped me enormously.

It took a sack of rocks off my shoulders, and after ten long years my three books- Merlin’s Crystal Complete Trilogy, were published in August 2009.

I heartily recommend Dr Charles Muller, and all those working for Diadem Books, for making my dream come true. This was indeed the best investment I ever made and I would recommend their services to any writer who wants a first class job done on their book.

There’s nothing more wonderful than holding your complete published book in your hand and I have my very first copy in pride of place on my bookshelf. Thank you Charles, Angus, Joanne, and all at Diadem!



Frances Pawley - Merlin's Crystal
October 2010

[Extract from the Acknowledgements of Tell it as it Was by Kathleen Hann:] 'I would like to thank Dr Charles Muller for his great help and patience, especially in making sure that I was happy with each process before moving on. I really wish that there had been teachers like Dr Muller in the Black Country when I was a child.'
(Kathleen Hann, 90  Telford UK.)



I met Charles Muller of Diadem Books via the internet after he had read a novel of mine published by the London firm of Janus Publishing Company (in my opinion Janus and fellow travellers must be avoided like poison).

After two years with Janus, publishing rights automatically reverted to me.

Without personal delay, Mr Muller had that novel plus a second novel published in America. Their titles are Branigan and Tipsy Marsh and are available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and others.

 Mr Muller does not guarantee sales (who could). He does, however, get your work into print if he feels that it has reasonable public appeal.

Book promotion seems to be in the lap of the Gods and self-promotion is often necessary i.e. buying half a dozen copies and asking the buyer at the larger retail outlets if he/she would read it with the thought to sales.

My connection with Mr Muller occurred last year and with initial publishing delays it is too early to comment on sales. However, if you want to look at your own work in print, the cost is very reasonable.

(FILTON HEBBARD, Australia.)


I can highly recommend Charles's publishing business. They are most professional and also handled everything perfectly. All I did was get filled with pride, get friends to buy, and finally even got a royalty check even. Charles's effort on my behalf was without stint and was honest and attentive and caring. I feel sure that you can only but have the same wonderful service and experience I have had and continue to have every time I see my book listed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You will not lose anything with Charles and can only know how satisfying it is to see your work in print and also to tell your friends and family to buy the book. I have had such wonderful feedback from people who have read and, thankfully, enjoyed my short stories that I feel I shall always be indebted to Charles for his fine editing, service, and also going through the setting up and preparation for publication that he did on my behalf.

(Mrs. Dylan M. Weston,Portland, Oregon USA.)

My book tours just began. I hastily adapted Two Rabbits Reliant on Three Wheels to make it politically correct, and it’s going down a storm with kids and supervisors/teachers alike.  Thank you so, so much for putting me on a path that led me away from nursing and into something that I enjoy.

(Extract from letter: Michael Page EDINBURGH)




I just want to thank you for taking me through the rough ride of self-publishing. Without you I could not have done it. THANK YOU AGAIN! Now lets make some money!

(Monika al-Amahani:  author of Cinderella in Arabia; , LONDON W1)



Letter from Jean Dion, author of Love at my Fingertips:

Dear Charles. I want to thank you from deep within my heart for the wonderful job you did on my love A brilliant computer romance! story, Love At My Fingertips.  I truly wanted to reflect my innermost feelings from deep down in my heart and soul—to bring out the perfect romance that I still long for and am yet to find. I sometimes had a hard time bringing out the parts of the man of my dreams. In those times of difficulty, you really came through for me. You helped draw my perfect man out of me exactly the way I wanted him to be.  I'm afraid it was a little raw to begin with but with your expertise of being able to edit and polish, it turned into something elegant!...something to be proud of and I owe it all to you! Thank you Charles for being able to reach down inside of me and finding that perfect man and helping him to surface!  You certainly have a way of bringing the best out of people.  Proud to be your friend,—Jean Dion,  Cocheco River N.H..       
23 May 2002

I wanted to thank you for all of the work that you put into the book for me. It was a feeling that I'll never forget seeing my name on the cover of a book that other people are going to read. I hope that we will be able to do this again. I have two more coming soon.

(Marci Tyler: author of The Rebirth of the Druids, Florida)



Numbers 6:24-26My book Why Daddy, Why? is about extreme cruelty from a daddy for his wife and children, about a little girl's abuse from nuns who were working for God in a convent where no one knew what went on behind the closed doors, and about many other incidents of injustice, and about a mother’s unconditional love for her children.  Behind the scenes I had an editor  (Dr. Charles H. Muller) who brought this little girl through the horrifying recollections of her life, chapter by chapter. I couldn't have gone through reliving those painful recollections without him. To him I say, Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  —  
Emelia Dion Hardy,


Charles, just to keep you in the picture. This morning I recieved a copy of A shadow and a Sigh. I have had a ridiculous grin upon my face all day and have not wanted to be parted from it for an instant. Quite wanting to walk down the high street in our nearest town and show everyone. Thank you again for turning my words into something special.
James Kaye, author of  A Shadow and a Sigh.  29th March 2003.



Letter from Jean Dion, author of Abiding Love: The Strength of Two Hearts

Dear Charles......Once again you have perfected a work of art! It was because of you that the first novel  Love at my Fingertips was and is a great success. You took such care to bring out a beautiful love story. A story that was so strong between two people that it cried out to surface again! And it has! And it is because of your expertise of being able to do what you do so well, editing and polishing, that this new book will be a great success as well!...Abiding Love: The strength of Two Hearts, is a dream come true for me. It's because of your encouragement and help that I was able to write this squeal...

 Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I know I've said this before but it is worth saying again, you have a way of bringing the best out of people and I am proof of that!.. You have taught me to believe in myself as a writer. And I say it again, I'm very proud to be your friend.

Jean Dion, Rochester N.H. April 5, 2003

To: Charles Muller at Diadem Books
9th July 2003

Dear Charles

It is now twenty-four hours since my author copy of For Selina arrived and I am still on a high.

This was my first venture into writing and I cannot say how much I have appreciated your guidance and friendliness once I decided to publish my book.

After I started to write it, I soon discovered just how difficult it is for any unknown author to be published, especially when the subject is quite specialised but Charles you were a STAR and helped and encouraged me throughout the process.

The camaraderie I experienced with both you and Pam Anderson in the US was very special and I have really appreciated all your help and have also enjoyed this first experience of getting a book published.  Lets hope we can do it again.
Sandra Wynn Eastbourne


I have now received my copy of 'the book' and I am so delighted with the finished product. It is easy to read and the layout is perfect. I am also thrilled that you were able to use my ideas on the cover. You have made my story look a 'million dollars.' I have already ordered some copies to sell as it is a book worth having—if only for the look! Many thanks also for your hard work. The service you gave me was first rate and very much appreciated, as was your encouragement. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. Thank you.—Jean Morley, author of Black Pearls, 6 August 2003.  Swindon England.



Dear Charles, I can barely contain myself to write this. I have seen all you sent now and it is all fantastic! I can't stop smiling. If you were here or I was there I'd give you a big hug. Thank you so very much for all you have done. This is just amazing, thank you, thank you.  Susannah.

Susannah George, author of True Colours.  ELY Cambridgeshire  England


To you Dear Charles, I say without hesitation—

I'm full of trepidation about how The Adventures of Maureen & Maury will be received into the children's world—yet happy because I know that Maureen & Maury are alive and very real in my world. I'm that child that feels the pain out of which they grew, but also I feel the strength that Maureen & Maury give to me in their magical world. I feel alone, weak and small, yet with Maureen & Maury—and you, too, Charles—I feel I can make it to the top of any mountain! Because of what you were able to see in me, is the reason that Maureen & Maury are here today to help children. You’re not just an editor; you’re the cover that binds the pages together!
You give the characters charisma, style, and much love. You give them their first breath of air, like when a newborn baby takes its first breath after leaving its mother’s womb! You have taught me many things about writing. I'm blessed that you are the person that you are. Not just an editor, but someone who becomes part of the story that's being told. Someone that can ease the pain of the storyteller. Why? Because you feel the pain along with the storyteller, you become the sponge that drinks in the overflow that allows the author to keep going. You give them back the courage to go on to the next thing in life, as you did for me after editing my first book, Why Daddy, Why?

Numbers 6:24-26I owe you many thanks, Charles. I could never repay you for what you've done for me. And not only for me, but for all the authors that you work with. You’re a man of great knowledge. Not just in editing (which is the best!) but also for being there for other people. You’re the most unselfish person I've ever known. You stretch yourself to the limit many times. Someone asks you to go the extra mile and you go two extra miles. 
I could never thank you enough for all the extra miles you went for me.

Emelia J Hardy 



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Take a peek at this article from THE EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS (24th Sept 2001) - Diadem Books inadvertently got into the news with Michael Page's book released by Writers Club Press!

Bully-claim nurse finds funny bone

AN English nurse who sparked an investigation into alleged "sexism and racism" in Edinburgh hospitals has struck a deal to sell a book about his experiences.

Michael Page, 31, triggered a formal inquiry after claiming he was constantly taunted for being male and English on the city’s wards.

Now he has written a book taking a wry look at his time at the Royal Infirmary, Western General, the Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children and other hospitals.

The book is being sold over the internet by Diadem Books and will soon be available through one of the world’s biggest booksellers, the internet book company Amazon.

Mr Page claimed he was called "an English bastard" and was repeatedly pushed by one nurse when she thought he was in her way.

The 31-year-old, who now hopes to make a career as a writer, said he had tried to use humour to get across a serious message about workplace bullying.

With more books planned, the student nurse has abandoned his studies, saying he had become disillusioned by the NHS.

He said: " I hope that the powers-that-be will read this book and use their powers to make sure that they change healthcare for the better for everyone, patients as well as staff, not just in Scotland but in the whole of the UK.

"Bullying of staff is one of the things I want to see ended, along with poor patient care and the chronic lack of resources."

His book, entitled A Nurse, Two Rabbits and a World Tour, is advertised in the travel section of Diadem Books’ website, a Scottish publisher based at Spean Bridge. The book mostly focuses on his time in Edinburgh.

The Diadem review says the book is "a humorous and beguiling account of the trials, tribulations and laughable situations in the life of a male nurse in Edinburgh. Despite its more earnest messages, this light-hearted look at contemporary British health and social issues through the eyes of a male nurse will have you in stitches."

Charles Muller, Mr Page’s agent, said: "It’s very readable and humorous, an amusing book which is quite compulsive. He has taken a firm stand on health but it is quite tongue-in-cheek as well."

In May, health chiefs launched an internal investigation into allegations by Mr Page of routine racism and sexism in Edinburgh’s world-renowned teaching hospitals.

Mr Page lodged a formal complaint, claiming that he was subjected to racist and sexist taunts and physical attacks by patients and female nurses during work placements at city hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

He also alleged that discrimination is deemed "quite acceptable" in many Edinburgh hospital wards including the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Western General and the Sick Kids - although he did not lodge a formal complaint with Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust which runs those hospitals.

His complaint to Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust, which runs hospitals including the Astley Ainslie Hospital and stresses a "zero tolerance" policy towards discrimination, has now been concluded.

A trust spokeswoman said: "Everyone is free to write what they like and everyone is free to read what they like."

She added that Mr Page had not responded to the end of the investigation within the set 28 days allowed for further reply.

No-one was available to comment today from Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Meanwhile Mr Page has written another book about a trip across Europe in a Robin Reliant. And he hopes to publish a book of love poetry for Valentine’s Day.

JULIA HORTON Health Reporter
Monday, 24th September 2001
Evening News

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