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Step into my World - Dave Navsa


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Step into my World
by Dave Navsa

UK price: £7.99 US price: $10.99
Format: Paperback
Pages: 268
ISBN: 978-1908026156
Published: April 2011

Come through the Gate with the Poet and step into his world! This Collection of Poems is a sequel to Climb Aboard My Bus: Pictures in Verse published in 2007. Step into My World will take you on a guided tour of his imaginative and contrasting mind expressed colourfully and powerfully. The Poems can be delightfully light-hearted, sparkling with humour, but there are those that resonate on a deeper level. They venture into the darker side of the human psyche, the world of inner turmoil and a world of conflict. Sometimes the Poems are almost eerily prophetic, as with "An Earthquake Happened", written long before the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Dave Navsa was inspired by his life experiences and the people and events surrounding them. As a talented wordsmith he was able to encapsulate these emotions and thoughts into this Collection, with a local flavour as depicted by the lead Poem, "Rochester High Street", and the snapshot of "Rochester Cathedral" on the facing page

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