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Passion for Christ  by Lex Sinclair




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Passion for Christ  by Lex Sinclair

UK price:  £9.99   US price: $12.72
Kindle £1.99
Format: Paperback
Pages: 342
ISBN-10: 0244352100
ISBN-13: 978-0244352103
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 2 x 21 cm

The Elimination event depicts the UK of 2017 where for the Black Friday weekend, any crime is permitted with no interference from the authorities. It's a survival of the fittest tale. In the midst of this, Gabriel fights back at a secret sect inspired by his newfound religious beliefs. He loses Katie and his friend Joshua, because of this sect. On the night of the event a young woman comes knocking at Gabe's door for protection and salvation. Can Gabe utilize his faith and direct as a saviour for this victim before a gang of thugs attack and rape her? Or will his faith give him the strength he needs to protect the innocent? One thing is for sure: Gabe won't surrender even if it means giving the greatest sacrifice of all - his life. 'Sinclair does what he does best, which is to tell a very dark story very convincingly.' - Damnetha Jules, Horror Palace

Review of PASSION FOR CHRIST, by Lex Sinclair.

I found this thriller by Lex Sinclair to be very powerful - and a page-turning read! The central premise of the novel, is of an annual two day freedom from all legal restraints -'The Elimination' - when all crimes, including murder, are condoned. even encouraged, in order to better control society the rest of the year and bring overall crime down.

I found it horribly plausible, presented to us with enough detail to show the horror behind such an arrangement but not gratuitously nasty. Indeed the dark descriptions of torture are an integral part of the plot, but they are medically accurate and not for the squeamish.

In Gabe we have a sympathetically reluctant hero, who delves deeper all the time. We share his griefs, his struggles with conscience and danger, we live with his growth as a person and his spiritual development. Despite the darkness I found it ultimately a hopeful work about the goodness and resilience of humanity, setting itself up bravely against the powers of evil in this world.

I really cared about Gabe and his small circle of friends as the story progressed. Do read it - it is an exciting and important novel, racing us breathlessly through the action but tackling the biggest questions of life and death, of good and evil and leaving us with even more questions than answers - as all the best of such work should.

Review by Dr Elinor Kapp MB.BS. DPM. FRCPsych. Ba [hons]


Passion For Christ’ ISBN978-0-224-35210 -3
The novel demonstrates the extent of evil committed by criminals to gain wealth. The crimes are overlooked by the forces of those in authority with the power to overcome their evil actions. The central theme is wealth, and to gain this reward horror and crimes reaches the depth of evil. Murder and rape are committed in a chronicle of sin. While tragedy develops in the hands of perpetrators, there are those who believe that goodness and earthly glory are the grandeur of a spiritual being. Brave challenges build the plot for this exciting novel with imagery from the author’s native town. Lex Sinclair writes with a richly endowed imagination
Aida Birch

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x-police officer Dean Ferris is taken to meet with infamous mob boss, Paul Demato - a man who previously helped him in a court case. Dean has no idea what to expect. Dean is given an ultimatum: do a deed for him or lose his life. Dean tentatively accepts that he is in Paul's debt and asks what is expected of him. Paul's son, Leo, has caused problems for the Demato Family and the Cascarini Family, and Don Mario Cascarini is out to kill Leo. But the assassin, known as 'Mr Death', mistakes Leo for his cousin Tobias, and in the murder investigation, the authorities seize their opportunity to bring the mob down. 'Mr Death' pursues Dean to thwart the mission given to him by Paul Demato, and innocent citizens lose their lives in the bloody wake of the hunt. 'Sinclair does what he does best, which is to tell a very dark story very convincingly.' - Damnetha Jules, Horror Palace Lex Sinclair is the author of nine novels including The Frozen Man, Neighbourhood Watch, and a series of horror classics.


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Kindle £1.99
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ISBN-10: 132677008X
ISBN-13: 978-1326770082
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 2 x 21 cm

'The Grim Reaper fled across the land and the antichrist followed. The full moon cast monstrous shadows in their wake. They appeared to float as opposed to ambling. The long, curving blade of the scythe reflected the pale radiance. The white horse was free of the Reaper's burden and strode forward alongside them. Then a luminous green fog ascended the horizon. Its core pulsed, spreading across the terrain, shrouding the moon and casting pitch blackness.

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Kindle £1.99
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ISBN-10: 1326915037
ISBN-13: 978-1326915032
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 2 x 21 cm

In this second volume of Don't Fear the Reaper the author once again transports the reader through hidden forces, into the realm of psychic phenomena and manifestations. An absorbing story with unexpected episodes of pure horror brings an end to one of the characters: 'Death finally arrived, he feared the Reaper that wielded the shiniest sharpest scythe he'd ever seen. . .' For readers from the Neath Valley a sense of place creates the foreboding atmosphere and will leave them looking over their shoulders! - Aida Birch (a Trustee of the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award) A cracker of a novel. - Ian Sputnik About the Author: Lex Sinclair was born in 1983 and is the author of ten novels including The Frozen Man and Neighbourhood Watch. His short stories have appeared in magazines such as Sanitarium, and he has been published in the South Wales Evening Post. Abducted and Don't Fear the Reaper Parts I & Ii are his latest books.

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On the brink of manhood, Sapphire and Elias are destined to meet at the biggest stadium in the Uk to confront each other, both spurred on by their own beliefs. The ultimate and ancient battle of good versus evil! The aftermath and dark days will remain if Sapphire doesn't fulfil his purpose of life. He is the hope and the light in the ever growing worldly abyss. Who will win? 'With an obviously high-quality standard of writing, Sinclair brings to life the Grim Reaper

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UK price: £8.99  US price: $11.23
Format: Paperback
Pages: 306
ISBN-10: 0244717710
ISBN-13: 978-0244717711
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.6 x 21cm

An aeroplane crashes down to earth. Blade Jackson manages to save the only survivor of the wreckage and becomes an international hero. Meanwhile an angry and powerful magician sets out to hurt Blade and everyone and everything in Blade's life. Now Blade's newfound faith is put to the test and as things become perilously worse, Blade finds himself being attacked by dark forces in an attempt to make him question who God really is. Can he survive as his beliefs and sanity are put to the test? Or will he lose his life to this magician? A powerful religious thriller dramatized through the age-old conflict between Good and Evil that will hold your attention to the bitter and glorious end!
Charles Muller, Diadem Books: Lex Sinclair is a great up and coming writer who has already found his voice. He's already proven that he's capable and talented. Damnetha Jules, Horror Palace