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THE REAL PRESIDENT        Noah Kaindama




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UK price: £9.99  US price: $13.52  Kindle 
Pages  290
ISBN-10: 1326507834
ISBN-13: 978-1326507831
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.7 x 21

The Real President is a story of a man in his thirties who decides to challenge the incumbent tyrant president who has run down the country; a seemingly brave but dangerous mission. The latter is brutal and tries to stop him but with the help of the ordinary citizens, the tyrant's power melts away. The new leader ushers in a period of unprecedented prosperity. Set in an imaginary country in Africa, the book explores important issues such as the challenges of creating a true nation state and providing visionary leadership, lacking in many countries on the continent.

About the Author Noah Kaindama lives in the U.K. with his family. He was born in Zambia and has worked in education for many years. He recalls that he first won a writing competition prize in 1979 at college but never took up writing seriously until now. He is a committed family man and is looking forward to spending his retirement writing.

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