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Frequently asked questions

Can I publish elsewhere after publishing through Diadem Books?

Yes. Our non-exclusive publishing agreement allows you to pursue arrangements with traditional publishers.


When will my book be ready to buy?

It usually takes around three months to complete the editing and production process, depending on the degree of editing required. Once you receive your first free copy this will also indicate that we have submitted your book to Ingram's book databases. We always say to our authors that once you receive the first copy of your book, you should then expect to see your book coming for sale on retail websites within 4 to 6 weeks. Book cover images can take longer to appear.


Why does the book not have a price on the back?

Bookstores often want to put their own mark-up on a book, and will therefore be reluctant to stock or display books that force them to observe a specific price; also, if after some time the price is increased, this will involve an expensive revision in so far as a new edition will need to be brought out. The author would then be required to pay at least another £60 for a cover revision. The on-line bookstores like Amazon will usually display the book at the RRP (recommended retail price).


How is my book distributed?

The paperback goes to Amazon which is the largest internet book retailer and will be listed via the Ingram’s distribution system, so should be available to retailers Barnes & Noble and Waterstones. Your Kindle e-book will appear on Amazon.

Your book will continue to appear on the Diadem website and can be ordered by the author from our regular author channel. Your Kindle e-book will be listed on Amazon.


Do I keep copyright?

Yes, you as author keep the copyright.


What about quoting from other people's work?

You must be careful when quoting from other authors. See our legal page.


Can I write about real life people with impunity?

No. See our legal page.


How do I buy my own books?

To publish your book, we need to open accounts on your behalf with the book printer and Amazon. You will order copies of your book directly from the publisher using the Log-In details we shall provide.

If you prefer not to order online via Lulu you will be able to order copies direct on the phone although a £5 administration fee per order is added (not per book).


Will you market my book?

Promotion is generally in the author's hands, though Diadem Books will also promote your book from its own website at www.diadembooks.com, which is included in the fee. You will receive marketing ideas from us just before your book goes to print. We recommend you do not plan definite dates for 'events' until you have received the first copy of your book.


What are the steps you will take with my manuscript?

See our page How it all works which tells you step by step what will happen.

How many books do you print in the first run?
You will get two free copies when your book is ready. Thereafter you will be able to order as many or as few as you like whenever you like since this is a ‘Print on demand’ system.

Books can be ordered by anyone through the on-line bookstore Amazon or via the page we will make for you on our web site.  Bookstores like Amazon may stock a few books in advance, to ensure quick delivery - especially when it becomes clear that a book is popular. However, if just one book is ordered through Amazon, then just one copy will be printed to fill the order - i.e. as many copies as required will be printed to order.

What does your editing involve:
Please see our Editing page.


What do previous authors have to say about your services?

We have very encouraging feedback from many authors. Please see our Testimonials page.


For news of what some of our authors have been up to see our News Page.


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