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Here’s how it works

Editorial revisions will be made – with the author’s approval. We take your completed manuscript, check for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and make minor revisions - more details.

These are essentially the stages we will take you through:

Editing stage:  After we receive the first half of the all-inclusive editing and publishing fee, your manuscript will be passed to our editor. Depending on the length and complexity of editing required this could take from two to four weeks.  For more information on what our editing entails see our Editing page.

We will in the meantime ask for additional information if required (e.g. back cover text, ideas for front cover).

Approval stage: We will send your edited manuscript to you for approval, when you will have the opportunity to make simple changes and check for errors. Providing you are happy at this stage you send your cheque for the second half of the fee and we will make any amendments you asked for.

Design stage: We will then format your book and design your cover.

First proof stage: We will send your book proofs to you to check for accuracy. (These will be in PDF format and will show you exactly how the book will look when printed). Here you will be allowed up to 20 minor author corrections.

Second proof stage: You let us know you are happy with the final proofs. If any changes are made then we will re-submit the proofs to you once corrected for you to approve. No author corrections can be made at this stage.

Pricing stage:  We will work out your book's retail price and royalties.

Done! We will send your book to our printers and send you your complimentary copies. You will receive one copy initially, and then another free copy.

Further discounted copies may be purchased direct from the publisher. The published book will be promoted and offered for sale from the Diadem website.

To Pay:

The £999 fee for the editing, publishing and distribution package is usually paid by cheque in two halves to Diadem Books, but payment can also be made  on line by credit card using PayPal. Click the PayPal button if you wish to pay the first half of the £999 (i.e. £499) fee by credit card.

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Note: If you are submitting a typed manuscript or out of print book we will consider scanning it into our system if the type is clear. A charge will be made for this service. Ask for details. There is no charge for submissions on disc or email.

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