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Journey to the Centre of the Cosmos - Anthony W Hill


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Journey to the Centre of the Cosmos -

Anthony W Hill

UK price: £8.99  US price: $10.00
Format: Paperback:
Size : 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.4 cm
Pages: 64
ISBN-10: 1909304778
ISBN-13: 978-1909304772
Published: Dec 2012

This pamphlet is a brief summary of the work, to date, of Anthony Wakefield Hill. Hill’s writings are partly philosophical and partly psychological, though there is barely any difference, and are of particular interest to the general reader; his subject matter is encyclopaedic, one of his works being The Knowledge of Everything, and he deals variously with the four pillars of existence: art, religion, philosophy and science. The Psychological Age is upon us, making the Physical Age redundant; it was trumpeted initially by C.G. Jung and G.I. Gurdjieff and is now fully substantiated in Hill’s many books.

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Also by this author

The Sanctity and Profanity of Sexuality  - A W Hill

UK price: £12.00  US price: $13.05
Format: Paperback
Pages: 344
ISBN-10: 1909874418
ISBN-13: 978-1909874411
Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 12.7 x 2
Published: Nov 2013

Throughout his book the author seeks to condemn all forms of obscenity and to promote the original innocence of sexuality, which he analyses psychologically, metaphysically and physiologically; explicit language and explicit images are used in order to convey the Anglo-Saxon concepts of sex in their original form, and by taking the reader back in time Hill hopes to reintroduce to a decadent society the initial reality of love. Perhaps the ultimate purpose of so doing is to create life in the world where until now there has been none, for throughout history man has been asleep, contained in the womb of nature’s unity; despite the separation of opposites in ancient times, the state of unity has persisted in man, and unconsciousness still rules civilisation. By using explicit terms and references the author intends to shock humanity into consciousness—and thus life—for the first time. In addition, the age-old problem of Good and Evil is examined, analysed and resolved.


Reviews of other books:

Author: Anthony Hill
Title: The One and the Many
Date: 4 July 2008

I do not think that this is a book to read straight through over a defined period; it is a vade mecum, something into which one may delve, explore, and find strange treasures.

Everything here starts you off on a journey to somewhere else: example: love: P.60, anima, animus: where did that take this reader: to an old Latin sonnet, “Animula, vagula, blnadula”, lost, soft, wandering soul: it is a poem by the Emperor Hadrian to his dead lover, Antinous. Page 65: three in one, one in three: memory: “Batter my heart, Three-Person’d God”: John Donne.

Hill examines very, very difficult subjects: among the densest; the meaning of consciousness, not the mystery of the fact of consciousness, not what it is (unless we are J.P. Sartre or Bishop Berkeley, we know what it is), but what it means.

Anyone who bathes in this magisterial collection of very serious thoughts must come out enriched. The old astronomer-poet, Omar Khayyam, wrote:

Myself when young, did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint: and heard much Argument,
About it, and about: but oft I came
In by the same Door that out I went.

Omar did not have the benefit of reading this extraordinary book. And it am no doctor (or Saint), but I can’t believe the author is schizophrenic. This whole work is ordered and logical; if sometimes informed with passion, it is for the quest for truth and reality.

Mark Sykes.

Athena Press – Readers Report

Author: Anthony Hill
Title: The Knowledge of Everything According to the Voice of the Silence
Date: 4th April 2008

This is a rewarding book; but not every reader will like or appreciate it; some will, indeed, without doubt display hostility.

This is wrong; because Anthony Hill is not a dogmatic, intolerant preacher; he is an expounder of a huge, individualistic, nobly conceived original view of – as he says – everything.

Many readers will read different interpretations into this magnum opus. To thus reader, it is evocative of many different strands of human thought; the mystical pantheistic world spirit of Pythagoras, Wordsworth, Plato or Jung, the Gaia; it celebrates the mystery of personality and symbolic thought. On the last great painting of the French painter Gauguin, is inscribed a text, of three questions: Who are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going? In different terminology, all of Western and Eastern philosophy has had little else to ask than these questions, or one single question, and thinkers over the millennia, with a greater or lesser degree of acceptance, have given their own answers; among these thinkers is Anthony Hill.

This immense book sets many of the received and accepted ideas by which we control and run our lives, on their heads. It combines sensibility with a visionary approach to reality. It combines, too, “common sense” with a very uncommon ability to define the lead problems of our troubled, crowded times. Above all, it combines the intuitive approach to reality with the scientific or philosophical, and shows that they can co-exist.

I will say one thing about this book, and one thing only, which is why it should be published., the reader may agree with these original and sometimes controversial ideas; he or she may not; but – and this is crucial – he or she will start to think. This is a mind-expanding vision of our place in the scheme of things. This book could start the questioning mind on a lifetime of intellectual exploration.

Anthony Hill has set himself a substantial and comprehensive task; but he has addressed a big undertaking with the humility of knowledge; he does not “preach”, he explains. He leads the reader around the byways as much as the avenues of awareness. His references and examples would be hard to fault.

This book is a vindication of the stance that an independent mind, that thinks for itself, and can accept the many facets of our existence, may choose to take. It is magisterial in compass, and ambitious in its intellectual extent. Anthony Hill is also blessed with a lucid and communicative ability with language.

Mark Sykes.

Forthcoming Titles By

Anthony Wakefield Hill


7. The Revolutionising of Medical Procedure,
Physical and Mental:
A Theoretical Outline


8. Parsifal's Journal, Issue II
Neo-Christian Metaphysics in the Second Millennium


9. Professor Anthony's Casebook:

A Damsel in Distress.

An Erotic Novel and Philosophical
Exegesis Combined


10. Self Redemption:

The Transformation of Evil
A Psychological Exposition


11. An Oblique Approach to Wagnerian Psychology.

An Investigation into its Implications


12. Woman: Mother and Whore
: Father and Rake

A Sequel to the Sanctity and Profanity of Sexuality


13. Art Through Knowledge, Knowledge Through Art
A Very Practical Artistic and Philosophical Synthesis
With Step by Step Instructions


14. Professor Anthony's Casebook: Pursuing the Mother, Pursuing the Father
A Young Couple’s Search for Their Sexual Identities, in a Philosophical Novel


15. The Universal Schizm, Perverted by Schizophrenia

The Origins of Madness


16. Parsifal's Journal, Issue III
Neo-Christian Metaphysics in the Second Millennium


17. Through Christian Eyes:
The Integration of World Religions

A Psychological Exposition


18. Tony Hill's Autobiography:' The Man In The Iron Mask
Psychiatry versus Truth


19. The Cosmos and Planet Earth: A Brief Survey


20. Erotic Excerpts

Poems and Prose - Poetry by Anthony Wakefield Hill


21. Parsifal's Journal, Issue IV
Neo-Christian Metaphysics in the Second Millennium


22. The Sphere

A Dramatic Sequel to Wagner's Ring Cycle


23. The Spirit in the Man's Psyche:

A Psychological Evocation of the Creative Spirit in Art, Religion and


24. The Birth of The Psyche


25. The Death and Re-birth of Physical Existence
Consciousness Integrated with Unconsciousness


26. Professor Anthony's Casebook;
yche of a Whore

A Tragedy Relieved By Love


27. A Saga of Knickers

The Continuing Story of Integration


28. Humorous Anecdotes
By Anthony Wakefield Hill

Allison Hall


29.The Cosmic Sphere.

Man's New Symbol


30. Inter-Religious War:
Iis Origins in Psychological Typology  


31. Sex without Love is Dirty:

Why You Are a Useless Lover



All Hill's Titles are to be found Under 'Amazon’s Books' on the Internet.