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Doctor Jesus: The doctor who knows no bounds - Robert Peprah-Gyamfi




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Doctor Jesus: The Doctor Who Knows No Bounds
by Robert Peprah-Gyamfi
UK price: £7.99    US price: $10.19
Format: Paperback
Size : 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.4 cm
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-0956473400
Publisher: Thank You Jesus Books . Published: Feb 2010

In this readable book the author, a Christian doctor, revisits the Healing Miracles of the Doctor Who Knows No Bounds, and brings vividly to mind the dramatic and very real impact that Jesus made in His healing ministry. The value of the book is the inspiration that comes from the author's sincere conviction that prayer changes things and that through prayer we can be in touch, not just with the hem of Jesus' garment, but with the very loving heart of Almighty God.

The author stresses that the Healing Ministry of Doctor Jesus did not end with His death, resurrection and ascension and that even to this day those who genuinely invoke His Name in childlike faith can expect astonishing miracles, including the healing of diseases that have baffled conventional medical practice.

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From the PREFACE written by Dr Charles Muller:

This book brings vividly to mind the dramatic and very real impact that Jesus made in his healing ministry. He was so popular that crowds came from far and wide. There was the woman with issue, determined to reach him in spite of the crushing crowds around him. The author dramatises many such instances, making us aware of what it was like to be there as it happened. Lowering the paralysed man through the roof—the desperate way to which the man and his family resorted to get to Jesus. And then there was the blind man shouting out to Jesus, even discarding his coat in his headlong rush to reach the one whose reputation as a healer had spread like wildfire throughout the land. Of the historicity of this Man of God, this Son of God, there can be no doubt! We realise that Jesus was many things – a teacher, a man of peace, a king, a saviour, a messiah, but what drew so many to him was his reputation as a healer – one who healed instantaneously, merely by speaking the word: creating, literally, a ‘moment in time’ when diseased tissue, diseased bone, diseased cells, were replaced instantly with healthy, living tissue, bone and cells.

What Dr Peprah-Gyamfi really brought home to me, in this book, is the realisation that this instant form of healing, of recreating flesh and bone and blood by the mere spoken command of our Lord, is in effect an example in microcosm of the macrocosmic command of God that created life in the first place, when He said, “Let there be light.” The book brings home to us the fact that God was capable of creating man in a moment, by mere command, just as Genesis records Adam and Eve were created. God did not need to create mankind through eons of evolution and natural selection: he has it in his power to do it instantly. After all, that was the way Jesus healed, or restored the dead putrefying flesh of Lazarus to a living and healthy body. As Dr Peprah-Gyamfi points out, what difference is there, after all, between the decaying flesh of Lazarus and the dust of the earth out of which all life was created?

CHARLES MULLERS, MA (Wales), PhD (London), D.Litt (OFS), D.Ed (SA)

About the author

Dr Peprah-Gyamfi grew up in Mpintimpi, a small village in Ghana. In a sense, he is a man not entirely unlike Abram, called by the Lord God to leave the country of his birth and find a new land where a promise would be fulfilled. He received a vision from the Lord, seeing a tableau in which he had the assurance that a time would come when he would be greeting fellow Christians in Europe. That vision was the guiding light and strength that sustained him through all the hurdles and seemingly hopeless plights until he fulfilled his goal. At the beginning of 2006, Dr Peprah-Gyamfi moved from Germany to the UK to further pursue his mission of writing and speaking in defence of the Christian Faith. He is the founder of ‘Thank You Jesus Ministry’, an Internet, Radio and TV Ministry.

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Seeing God Through the     Human Body: A Doctor's Meditation on the Human Miracle
by Robert Peprah-Gyamfi

UK price: £7.68    US price: $11.01
Format: Paperback
Size :
21.6 x 13.8 x 1.4 cm
Pages: 160
Publisher: Anomalos Publishing
Edited by Diadem Books
15 Feb 2009

Seeing God through the Human Body is a head-on confrontation with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. In it, a medical doctor and creationist uses his learning and insight as a doctor to defuse the theory of evolution and make a case in favour of God Almighty, in the creation of the human body. Appealing to common sense and drawing upon his medical knowledge, the author argues that the functioning of the various organs of the body are so intricate  that they could only have come about through remarkably clever forethought and planning.