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Hell in Hawaii 2021   -    Alan Dickens & Trevor Barton


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Hell in Hawaii 2021
by Alan Dickens & Trevor Barton

UK price:  £8.99   US price: $12.29
Format: Paperback
Pages: 344
ISBN: 978-1908026170
Published: August 2011

Disaster looms for the USA as terrorists demanding Hawaiian independence threaten to decimate the US fleet in Pearl Harbour. The terrorists are employing a new explosive of awesome power, and it is soon realised that Honolulu itself is threatened. As the US President struggles with the evolving political crisis at home and abroad, her country's intelligence agencies are beset by infighting. One CIA agent starts to suspect there may be more to the threat than is apparent. The hunt for the plotters and the source of the explosives is not confined to Hawaii but stretches to Europe and Asia. The international dimensions of the plot become more serious when the new explosive is used, in Moscow. The Russians and America must unite against a common foe. With drastic action the only hope, can the ships be saved and the plot foiled, or will the world spiral into chaos and war?

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