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The Golden Tower - Edward Hurst


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The Golden Tower - Edward Hurst

UK price: £10.99      US price: $15.40  Kindle
Format: Paperback
Pages: 354
Published 2014
ISBN-10: 1291914633
ISBN-13: 978-1291914634
Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 2 x 21

The Scottish Cheviot hills and its amazing wildlife are under severe threat. A young couple find themselves at the heart of their defence.....
A lone walker strays from the path, loses his way and in need of food and shelter discovers an ancient shepherd who welcomes him into his incredible home and shows him how he has transformed the bare hills into an upland paradise.
The walker asks if he can help and the shepherd demonstrates how the simple act of choosing and sowing the right seed in the right place can transform the future, but the young man is distracted when he finds a highly valuable hoard of gold. Rather than confessing to his find he conceals it and returning home sells it, so sealing his destiny.

“A beautiful and thought provoking read, mixing passion, humour and drama in a delightful way.”

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