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The Fatal Entrance   -   Robert Barratt


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The Fatal Entrance - Robert Barratt

UK price: £4.77   US price: $5.48
Format: Paperback
Size: 21.6 x 14 x 0.9 cm
Pages: 146
ISBN-10: 1908026626
ISBN-13: 978-1908026620
Published: July 2013

This story of suspense and mystery has the mountains and timber world of the Eastern Transvaal area of South Africa as its exotic setting. An isolated though beautiful farmhouse has been converted into a hostel for guests by its present owner, Thalia du Mont. To this guest-farm there come on holiday an assorted array of people: a journalist, a teacher, a professional artist, a doctor, an accountant, a scientist, an old woman intent on capturing the spirit of trees. Most of these people are not what they appear on the surface. Even the hospitable and cheerful Thalia has a background of tragedy. It soon emerges that there is on the farm an unknown killer in pursuit of a legendary treasure, and a series of deaths result from this ‘fatal entrance.’ The horror of the situation is compounded when flood waters pour down the valley, isolating the farm and leaving those on it as little more than helpless victims. Throughout the terrors of the story the strange, poignant beauty of the surrounding world takes its place as one of the forces of the book.

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