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   Your manuscript edited by professionals

The editing process

We will edit your book regardless of the amount of editing required or length of your book, provided your book is not more than 150,000 words. (The length of an average novel is 60,000 to 75,000 words.) We will check for errors and give your manuscript a finished polish with our copy editing service 

Editorial revisions will be made – with the author’s approval. We take your completed manuscript, check for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation and make minor revisions as follows:

Correct spelling errors:

Correct words that can be found easily in a dictionary or a credible on-line resource
Correct errors in both singular and plural possessives

Correct errors involving words with similar spelling or sound - e.g:
– “affect” and “effect”
– “it’s” and “its”
– “there,” “their,” and “they’re
– “two,” too,” and “two”
– “where” and “were”

Correct grammar errors:
Subject and verb usage
– Plural and singular
– Tense
– Basic syntax (word, sentence and paragraph)

Correct punctuation errors:
– Commas
– Semicolons
– Hyphenations
– Colons
– En dashes and em dashes
– Quotation marks
– Apostrophes
– Run-on sentences

Changes in word choice:
Change overused words
– May change word choice that more clearly conveys the meaning

Editing feedback:
Once we have copy edited your manuscript we will send you your edited manuscript highlighting all changes our editor has made. At this stage you can send us feedback or minor changes to the edits, you may also send us other small/minor corrections.

All editing is overseen by our Editor-in-Chief, Charles Muller, MA (Wales). Ph.D (London), D.Ed (SA), D.Litt. (OFS). Dr Muller, formerly a Professor of English, is the author of academic books published by McGraw-Hill, Macmillan and  Oxford University Press, and has served as the Editor of two journals of university English departments. He has also written and published a wide range of novels and inspirational books.