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Camera in the Dales. A Photographic Record with Prose and Poems -  John Moore




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Format: Paperback                            
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 190
ISBN-10: 1908026332
ISBN-13: 978-1908026330 

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Camera in the Dales is a photographic diary in monochrome! With its authentic photographs and picturesque verbal memories, it is a magical evocation of past customs in Wensleydale, one of the most romantic dales in Yorkshire.

This book, with its 56 monochrome photographs of the Yorkshire dales and dales life, is more than a colourful survey of the Yorkshire dales – it is a potted history, for many anecdotes, picaresque characters and old customs are captured here – through the lens of the camera and the sensitive mind of the author. The reader will be taken back not only to the days of Lady Anne Clifford, to the days of the carthorse and the blacksmith, but will witness the passing of the steam railway and the changing seasons in what must be one of the most beautiful parts of England. This new edition includes John's memories of his childhood in Cumbria and his poems.

the author

Born in a Cumbrian village in 1915, John Moore was involved with farming until he moved into the dales in the ’fifties. From a child he had always been interested in photography and now took it up as a freelance.

He learnt the art of sheep photography for breeders’ flock books and apart from weddings and press work, he became involved in photographic projects in the dales. Meeting so many people in his work, he came to appreciate these sturdy folk of the dales.

(John Moore passed away at the age of 89 and was laid to rest on the 11th August 2004. He will be remembered not only for his brilliant black and white photographs of the Yorkshire Dales, but for his kind and loving personality. Many married couples in the Dales will remember him as the very attentive and patient photographer who photographed their weddings, and members of family on special occasions.--CHM, Diadem Books.)

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