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BULLY, BULLIED             Robert Henry


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Bully, Bullied
by Robert Henry

UK price: £6.99   US price: $9.99
Format: Paperback
Size :
20.3 x 12.7 x 1.2 cm
214 pages
Diadem Books (25 Oct 2010)

About two weeks ago, a man came running into this station asking the Sergeant here to come at once to the jetty in Blyth harbour. Two fishermen had come across a macabre scene... When the Sergeant and a constable went with the messenger, they discovered the body of a man in a fishing net, half submerged in the water. The net was tied to the jetty. It looked as though the man had got himself tangled up in the net and had possibly tripped and fallen into the water...' But was it an accident, or something more sinister that took the life of Big Cam Boise, the loudmouth bully of Blyth who everyone hated, who threw his weight about in the 'Fishermen's Lodge' public house, demanding free drinks, beating up the women if they refused his advances, and generally causing mayhem, forcing the patrons, including the harmless old codgers, Tom and Gerry, who liked to ogle the women and sing drunken songs, to take refuge in the other drinking houses of Blyth. As Al, the landlord of the 'Fishermen's Lodge' said, something had to be done about this loudmouth bully. Will Detective Inspector Luke Forem, from Morpeth, uncover the true facts? The reader will certainly enjoy this very readable 'whodunit'!

The author:

Born in New York, Northumberland, the author, having taken early retirement from the building firm Barratt’s, in Newcastle, became restless and decided to try his hand at something he always wanted to do—write! To finance this ambition, he opened up a trophy shop, manufacturing and selling sports trophies to local sports clubs.

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