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Bittersweet   -   Juanita Nena RudonBeeke




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Bittersweet - Juanita Nena RudonBeeke

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
ISBN-10: 1909304158
ISBN-13: 978-1909304154
Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.9
Published:  Aug 2012
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Juanita Nena RudonBeeke’s poems go straight to the heart and are reflections on a wide range of human relationships. She writes with love and sympathy, but never with blinkers on, for she does not conceal the injustices, the cruelties, and the betrayals, so often manifested in the modern world and as often demonstrated in her beloved country of Belize. I love the gentle wisdom, the acceptance of the ineluctable mutability of life, in ‘Those To Heaven Sing’. All of the poems have this sense of mature acceptance. The gentle probing about the mystery of life in ‘Time Without End’ leaves one with a sense of wonder. I do like these poems for they leave no dregs of anger or frustration at the bottom of the cup, as it were, when you have read them. If anything, they leave a sweetness, albeit sometimes a bitter sweetness, when you have closed the book. Also, you can read them again, coming back to them like a refreshing stream.' – Charles Muller, Diadem Books.

Newspaper review taken from the Berwickshire Advertise19 Sept 2012:

Berwick poetess publishes the poems inspired by her ‘beloved Belize’

A BERWICK woman has published a collection of poems that recount her literary journey from central America to Northumberland, taking in religion, civil war and elusive love along the way.

Juanita Nena Rudonbeeke grew up in Belize, and though she now lives in Berwick with her husband and two sons, she remembers the awakening of her poetic potential during a trip back to the Caribbean coast.

“The process of writing was quite gradual,” she explains. “When I was back in Belize two years ago, the people there were celebrating their independence. There were lots of places asking for submissions of original, patriotic songs to mark the occasion.

“I found myself putting pen to paper and eventually I came up with two songs of my own. After that I just kept on doing it and I found I had a sort of knack for this writing lark!”

As she continued to scribble and grew in confidence, Juanita joined an internet poetry forum, where she was encouraged with praise and writing tips from people all over the world.

She remembers: “In about a year I found I had written nearly 200 poems and people started asking me if I’d ever thought of being published. After looking around for a while, my research led me to Diadem Publishing, and with their expertise I got to where I am now.”

Husband Trevor saw first hand the environment the darker poems in his wife’s collection came from.

“There were some scary moments out in Belize,” he said, “you could literally get mugged for your cheeseburger. We were robbed ourselves, and the police just weren’t interested.”

But the world is not a totally dark place for Juanita, not all “guns and knives” as she puts it. She balances some documentary-style poetry with a strong imaginative streak, hence the book’s title.

“I chose the title ‘Bitter Sweet’ because some of the poems in the collection indicate sadness, often after the urge to ask hard questions, that stir up deep emotions.

“On the other hand, there are other poems that bring a lighter kind of imagination to the fore, the kind of poems where you can close your eyes and picture the images themselves.

But Juantia like to keep herself grounded in the real world. She said: “The collection is about things going on in the world that made me just think, ‘Why?’ Very often I get to thinking about the reasons that things happen. The poems are full of my love for nature and, also my religion.“It’s a very diverse book!

She feels she can reflect her surroundings through her poetry: “I’m a very easy going, down to earth kind of person, but as I grow older, I look around me and find myself like a sponge, soaking up everything out there - whether it’s good or bad.

“I take my inspiration from whatever I see, or smell, or feel. As long as it attracts my attention and it stays in my mind, you can be sure I’ll put it on paper.

“It is an important way for me to try and figure out my world. Perhaps I am trying to get into people’s minds, think how they think, feel how they feel.

“I’m too modest to suggest there are any great meanings to my poems, but I hope they can help people see that life itself is full of different meanings. It all depends on how you interpret them.”

“I know it might sound vain, but I’m so glad my talent with poetry has come out. I just wish I had realised that I had this talent inside me earlier in life - but, ‘que sera sera’

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