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Amelia                      by Genella Gennings




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 by Genella Gennings

UK price:  £9.99   US price: $13.79
Format: Paperback
Size:20.3 x 12.7 x 2.1 cm
ISBN-10: 1908026391
ISBN-13: 978-1908026392
Published: Diadem Books Feb 2012


Amelia: Beautiful, wealthy, privileged and damaged. Her children would pay the ultimate price. Paul: The idealistic, talented and inquisitive Investigative Reporter. He fought a difficult and soul-destroying battle in his quest for justice. Catherine: Passionate, and sensual; the woman Paul searched for all his adult life and finally found. Lucinda: Intense and loyal; her love for Amelia transcended all. Clarissa: The Matriarch; She is strong, fierce and determined; her love for Amelia bordered on the obsessional. These five people's lives are intricately woven together. They played, laughed and cried together. They suffered, struggled and fought together. They lived for each other and would die for each other. Very few will ever forget the poignant and heart-rending story of...Amelia.

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