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If you wish to have your book considered for publication through our all-inclusive editing and publishing package, then your next step is to send us a copy of your manuscript.

Unlike the vanity press, and so many of the self-publishing companies around today, Diadem Books does not accept any, or every book sent to us to add to its stable. We value our imprint of Diadem Books as a hallmark of quality, and need to see the manuscript first before we can confirm that we are happy to go ahead with publication. The editing aspect also ensures that the book will not appear with embarrassing stylistic or grammatical imperfections.

To have your book considered for publication, please send us your manuscript. Ideally the manuscript should be on disc, which can be sent to us through the post (see address below)—or it can be sent as an email attachment in MS WORD to the email below.


Diadem Books
8 South Green Drive

Tel 0844 571 7206

If your manuscript is not on disc (or computer), you can still send us the hard copy, provided it is clearly typed and legible. We can scan it to disc from the hard copy, though this will probably incur an extra fee


Edit only package


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Further details of our full package - £999:

Diadem Books will edit your manuscript and take it right through the publishing stage to the end product – your book in print. We keep costs down by printing on demand rather than printing large stocks in advance.

Unlimited Copy Editing: We will edit your book regardless of the amount of editing required or length of your book, provided your book is not more than 150,000 words. (The length of an average novel is 60,000 to 75,000 words.) We will check for errors and give your manuscript a finished polish with our copy editing service  (more details).

Custom Cover: Your book will have a custom-designed, full-colour cover designed by the publisher’s professional book designers. You can submit your own ideas and/or pictures.

Distribution: Your trade paperback book will have a unique ISBN number.  This means that your book will appear in online bookstores like Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, the largest internet bookseller, and Barnes & Noble.com, as well as The Book Depositary.co.uk and many other on-line bookstores, where customers can order your book. It will be made available to traditional booksellers worldwide to source from the distribution databases depending on the discount you choose for yourself.

Great Discounts: You get great volume discounts when you purchase your own books in bulk for personal distribution and sale.

Quick Availability: In most cases your book is ready for sale in just 90 days or less—months faster than industry standards.

Your own page on the publisher’s website: You will also receive a unique page on the publisher’s website from which your book can be promoted, and purchased from Amazon.

Hardcover: You can choose a hardcover version as well or instead of a paperback for a specified fee.

Graphics: If you wish to have graphics (pictures) included in the text body of the book, these are at an additional cost of £79 per 25 graphics (maximum of 50). The graphics within the book are only reproduced in black and white (greyscale), though the cover is in full colour.

Two free books: Upon publication you'll receive two free copies of your paperback book. This is in addition to any free hardback copies that you would receive if you add the hardcover option. (You can order as many as you wish thereafter at the author's discounts.)

Non-exclusive Contract: The publisher’s non-exclusive publishing agreement allows you to pursue arrangements with traditional publishers while enjoying a royalty of up to a generous 20% royalty depending on the retail price you choose for your book—higher than industry standards.

Take a look at how our publishing package works.

Our chief editor is Charles Muller,  MA (Wales), PhD (Lond), DLitt (OFS) DEd (SA).

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